Nguni Hides One size

We have a range of Nguni hides which have been carefully selected for their markings, and treated so that the hides are nice and soft. Selection in stock depends on availability. African Nguni Hides are cow hides produced from Nguni cattle and have become a sort after decor piece.

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Nguni hides South Africa

Throughout the world, Nguni hides have become a very sought-after home decor item. Nguni cattle are native to KwaZulu Natal in South Africa.

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What are cow hides used for?

In its natural form, cowhide is the skin of a cow with hair on it. Rugs, Shoes, wallets, jackets, furniture, car leather, and belts can be made from its leather.

Nguni Cattle Names

Nguni Cattle and hide names are typically very beautifully & creatively descriptive of the tribes natural surroundings.

The names are often humourous and can reflect the deep connection and love the tribes have with their cattle. Each Nguni hide is unique just like a fingerprint so you are buying a very personal piece of art history that has its own story to tell.

The Names Tell Their Very Own Story

imatshoNgoye – the stones of the Ngoye forest

inkampu – of cutting in two

inkomo eyezindlu – the beast which is houses

engabantubegulile – like old people

imaqandakahuye – the eggs of the lark

inala – abundance

Nguni hides have become a very desired home decor item throughout the world.