Floor Cushion Seating South Africa

Floor Cushion seating South Africa

While we often consider furniture choices when furnishing our homes, floor cushions and pillows do not immediately come to mind. Besides who wants to sit on the ground instead of a comfortable couch? Apparently, quite a few people do!

Why Floor Cushions?

The couches seem to be getting lower to the ground every year, have you noticed? Also, they are becoming deeper and starting to resemble one big piece of flooring. The comfort of the floor cushion is a contributing factor to this.
Consider these comfortable, design-forward floor pillows if you love the idea of a floor pillow but don’t know where to begin.

What are some other names for floor cushions?

Natural Sisal Floor Cushion

The Natural Sisal Floor Cushions are a great solution for extra seating. When not in use, they can be conveniently stacked or stored. They are durable, and children will love them. They are made from a mixture of palm leaves and coconut leaves.

A square floor pillow

Comfort and style do not have to be compromised just because you’re looking for something budget-friendly. A Square Pillow provides a comfy spot to sink into, even on the hardest floor and can be used almost anywhere. We love the idea of layering these pillows on the floor.

A simple pouffe

A pouffe is a great way to provide colour, texture, and extra seating to your home when you have guests. A stylish and beautiful pouffe can provide a perfect mixture of firmness and soft cushioning.

Outdoor Seating

Consider floor cushions for outdoor or semi-outdoor spaces, like enclosed patios. To ensure they’ll withstand the elements and temperature fluctuations, you may need to be more cautious when choosing cushions specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use.

This simple seating is a great way to add style to your home. The seating area can be used as a lounge area for your guests. We all want that super comfortable spot to relax in, relax with a beverage in hand and watch the world go by. 


Floor Cushion Seating Home Decor

Perfect for extra seating. They can be beautifully stacked or placed when not in use. The kids will also love them. Made from a combination of Palm and Coconut leaves with a full Dacron filling inserted. Size = 75cm X 25cm

What does Wiki have to say … we looked and found …

cushion is a soft bag of some ornamental material, usually stuffed with wool, hair, featherspolyester staple fiber, non-woven material, or even paper torn into fragments. It may be used for sitting or kneeling upon, or to soften the hardness or angularity of a chair or couch.[1] Decorative cushions often have a patterned cover material, and are used as decoration for furniture.

And A Zabuton

A zabuton (座布団, Japanese pronunciation: [d͡za̠bɯ̟ᵝtõ̞ɴ]) is a Japanese cushion for sitting. The zabuton is generally used when sitting on the floor and may also be used when sitting on a chair.

Traditional Japanese chair with a zabuton and a separate armrest – see Wiki for more info

Floor Cushion

Why do Japanese sit on the floor?

The “ëasy” pose also known as sukhasana is believed to improve blood flow to the stomach and help you digest food.

What are floor cushions used for?

Floor cushions are perfect for great instant extra seating. They can also add interest and variety to your space by introducing new levels of color and cozy texture to your flooring.

What are floor poufs stuffed with?

Pouffe Filling Guide

Your floor pouffe can be filled with almost anything  from scrunched up newspaper or old clothing to  polystyrene balls.

What should I stuff a floor pillow with?
Good options are coconut fiber, buckwheat hull or foam offcuts. 

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